MF Doom Killed Rasec




For the first time in 7 months, I finally picked up a pencil and over came this crippling anxiety that always stops me from laying anything down. It may be just a sketch, but its a huge step for me to get back in touch with this side of myself again. 
On a side note, they say once an artist falls in love with you, you can never die.. I can see how people think that of us.

Jan 19th 2015

  I have yet to finish her, but this was my favorite part. 


  Feeling rather rejuvenated after camping out this weekend with all my closest friends. A lot of inspiration came to mind and gave my mind some clarity. Very much needed and I can’t wait for the next trip! Got plans to bring along some oils and canvases to do some scenic practice.  

Lets just forget, everything we’ve ever done. Forget each others taste, None of this ever happened. Wouldn’t it be better off that way?

The beginning of letting go